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Data & personalization

Your data, activity, and preferences that help make UI Lib services more useful to you

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This step-by-step guide helps you choose the privacy settings that are right for you

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Activity controls

You can choose to save your activity for better personalization across UI Lib. Turn on or pause these settings at any time.

Manage your activity controls
Ad personalization

You can make ads more useful to you

Ad personalization

Ads UI lib shows you are personalized

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Activity and timeline

See the activity saved in your account and the places you've been. You can delete any or all your past activity.

My Activity
Rediscover the things you’ve searched for, read, and watched
See where you have been based on your Location History
Things you created and do

Check UI Lib Dashboard to see a summary of your services and the data saved in your account

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Account Storage

Your account storage is shared across UI Lib services, like Gmail and Photos

8% used – 1.23 GB of 15 GB
Manage Storage
Download, delete, or make a plan for your data

General preferences for the web

Manage settings for UI Lib services on the web


Your past and upcoming reservations for flights, hotels, and events made using Search, Maps, and the Assistant

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Business Features

If you manage a business, you can get recommendations for features that help you connect with customers and add your business to UI Lib for free